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Year 6

Reading: Bug Club


This key website will be monitored closely by class teachers who can assign additional books, reassign books or adjust the levels of difficulty based on a child's responses to the question prompts. Children should log in regularly (daily) to this resource.

Reading: First News Newspaper


Click below to read a digital copy of this  week's entire First News newspaper! We hope to be able to upload a new edition each Friday: a superb resource that children can return to throughout the week

Reading List: 100 Best Books for Years 5 and 6


Taking the time to read for pleasure each and every day should be an essential part of every child's daily routine. If you're stuck for book choices, this diverse selection will set you off in the right direction!

Reading: SATs Reading Booklets


To support children's detailed understanding of texts, we have uploaded four past-paper reading booklets below (paper copies have also been given to families without internet access). Children have also received paper copies of the accompanying answer booklets for them to work with appropriately demanding questions and record their responses. A suggested goal for these papers is completing one per week.

Reading: CGP Textbooks


Children have taken home their fiction, non-fiction and poetry textbooks. These can continue to be completed at home.

Reading ... and Listening: Free Audio Books!


Time for someone else to read a great book to you? Click below!

English: Hamilton Trust Daily Lessons


This wealth of daily resources will help you structure your learning English with new materials for every day of the week. Activities are varied including reading comprehension (with answers), grammar and writing tasks to get stuck into. The theme for Week 1 materials is the fabulous Harry Potter.

Spellings: Year-Group Word Lists


  • Can children spell each word?
  • Do children know the meaning of each word?
  • Critically: Can children use each word accurately in an independently-written sentence? This last goal can also be used a daily handwriting exercise (writing out sentences for the words being studied)

Spellings: Weekly Word Lists

Grammar and Vocabulary:


This is another website that teachers can monitor closely. New assignments will be added on a weekly basis.

Grammar: LGfL 'Grammar Explained' Videos


Videos to help explain some of those tricky grammar points! Your child's LGfL password will be needed ... and once into LGfL, take a good look around at all the other fabulous free resources there (for all subject areas!)

Maths: MyMaths


Another website that your teacher can monitor closely. Aim to log in on a daily basis and look out for new assignments your teacher has added. The site contains access to maths games, too.

Maths: Corbett Maths


Two great links here!


  • The fantastic 'five-a-day' link gives access to questions for every day of the year
  • The 'videos and worksheets' links provides further great learning opportunities for every topic

Maths: White Rose 'Problem of the Day'


This link takes you to a page where you can download a daily problem(s). The first page is aimed at KS1 while the second-page problem is the one aimed at KS2

Maths: Number Facts (incl 'Times Tables')


For any children who have not yet acquired fluent recall of their times tables facts, this is a priority for development whilst working at home. To home with learning and/or practice opportunities, start with these two links:

Maths: LGfL 'Maths at Home' Videos


Again, children should make use of LGfL passwords to access these videos for every maths topic - another great learning tool for children and parents

Maths: Countdown 


Our weekly Countdown problem has been of the most popular maths homeworks for many children. This is a truly fantastic activity to improve your number work skills (mental and written methods) and remember: the goal isn't always to reach the solution ... it's to get as close as you possibly can!

Maths: Mathsbot


A great free website full of resources for you to explore. If you're looking for question practice, then a good place to start is this section of the website: Starters and Drills

Maths: Hamilton Trust Daily Lessons

If you are looking to revise or consolidate your maths skills, these daily lessons are another resource you could use to support your learning. They are not compulsory and will not meet the needs of all learners ... but there is lots of structured practice provided if you need it:

Wider Curriculum


These websites contain access to a wealth of resources for all subject areas! Time should be set aside each day to explore a subject or topic area with the key focus on further learning related to topics we have already studied. These include: Irreversible Changes and, Living things and their Habitats and Lifecycles (Science); World War 2 and Ancient Greece (History); Biomes (Geography) 

Year 6 Knowledge Organisers