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Maths at Home

This page contains a number of links to key resources which will support children's learning at home. For links to resources more specifically aimed at helping parents, see the 'Maths: Parents' Page'.


1. MyMaths (Years 1 – 6)

Children in most year groups will have access to personal MyMaths accounts. This resource is used by teachers to set some of our supplementary homework activities and letters have been/will be sent home introducing the resource and giving each child’s personal log-in details. The resource also gives access to maths games and some lesson content even when homework has not been specifically assigned.


Link: MyMaths Primary Homepage


2. (Years 1 - 6)

This is another key resource that children will need to access using a password. Teachers will often use this website to set homework activities and children will need a pen/pencil and paper at the ready for jottings and/or calculations as they attempt questions.


Click Here:


3. 20 Number Games to Play at Home (Year 1)

These games are primarily aimed at children in Year 1 but may, of course, be used with children in other year groups. Each game comes with full instructions.

4. Corbettmaths

See separate Corbettmaths page in this 'Mathematics' section of the website

5. Maths Chase

A simple, free, webpage that allows you to practise all kinds of number facts!


Another free website with lots of activities to support the learning of multiplication facts. As well as games and practice strategies, the site also includes a Y4 MTC test simulator.