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Blair Peach

Primary School

A nurturing environment where we all learn and aspire together.

To be the best we can.

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Staff List

Teaching Staff


Mrs. A. Puri                             Headteacher 

Ms. P. Freeman                       Assistant Headteacher/SENCO/SLT

Ms. P. Rana                             Assistant Headteacher/Teaching & Learning

                                                Leader/English Subject Leader/SLT



Mrs. S. Ingram                         Nursery Moon Bay (AM/PM)/SLT/Assistant

                                                 Headteacher/EYFS Leader/Inclusion/               


Mr. J. Gill                                  Nursery Stars Bay (AM/PM)/PE Teacher



Ms. J. Keeling                           Reception Moon/PSE Subject Leader/School


Ms. A. Lockwood                      Reception Stars/Co-Leader PSE/School

                                                 Travel Plan


Year 1

Ms. J. Shingadia                       Class 1 Moon/Year 1 Phase Leader/

                                                  Co-Leader English KS1

Ms. N. Summan                        Class 1 Stars/NQT


Year 2

Mrs. L. Padam                          Class 2 Moon/Co-Leader Computing KS1

Ms. J. Whitton                           Class 2 Stars/ Shadow Maths KS1


Year 3

Mrs. U. George                          Class 3 Moon/DT/Family Learning/ 

                                                   Extended Schools

Ms. C O'Riordan                        Class 3 Stars/

Year 4

Mrs. S. Shetra                           Class 4 Moon/Science Leader

Mrs. H. Chatha                          Class 4 Stars/Year 4 Phase Leader/

                                                  History & Geography Subject Leader

Year 5

Mrs. J. Menezes                       Class 5 Moon/RE and SMSC Subject


Mr. W. Yeung                             Class 5 Stars/NQT


Year 6

Ms. P. Rana                               6 Stars/

Mr. Mark Barrett                         6 Sun/ Year 6 Phase Leader/Mathematics

                                                   Mastery/SLT/Mathematics Subject Leader

Mr. K. Hale                                 6 Moon/Computing Subject Leader


Mr. O. Gildea                              Music Teacher

Mr. E. Dorado                             Spanish Teacher 

Ms. I. Crispino Cano                   PE Sports Apprentice

Ms. S. Begum                             Teach in Trainee Teacher (Year 6 Support)

Ms. R. Hamid                              Roya Hamid HCPC Registered Arts Therapist

                                                   (Drama) and School Counsellor

                                                   (every Thursday from 8.00am - 3.00pm

Office Staff

Mrs. K. Virdi (SBM)

Mrs. P. Dhir

Mrs. J. Bajwala

Mrs. H. Bains


Teaching Assistants/HLTA’s

Mrs. F. Parker (Nursery)

Mrs. H. Sharma (Nursery)

Miss. R. Masih (Reception)

Ms. S. Mark (Reception)

Mrs. M. Sangha (Year 1)

Mrs. L. Mahay (Year 1)

Mrs. M. Verma (Year 2)

Mrs. C. Subramaniam HLTA (Year 2)

Mrs. P. Osan HLTA (Year 3)

Mrs. N. Raizwan HLTA/Speech & Language Interventions (Year 4)

Mrs. J. Jeevakumar (Year 4)

Mrs. S. Hibbert (Cover Supervisor/Year 5/KS2 Support)


Breakfast Club Supervisors

Mrs. K. Shingadia

Mrs. N. Afsar


SMSA’s (Lunchtime Mid Day Supervisors)

Mrs. D. Badiani

Mrs. B. Chana

Mrs. Y. Khan

Mrs. N. Afsar

Mrs J.K. Sandhu

Mrs. R.K. Walia


Premises Staff

Mr. S. Hira (Site Supervisor)

Mr. J. Hester (Other School Premises Staff/General Maintenance)


Cleaning Staff

Mrs. H. Sandhu

Mrs. R. Bains

Mrs. N. Sharma

Mrs. P. Boughan

Mrs. K. Shingadia

Mrs. K Chauhan