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Long-Term Curriculum Map for Year 4 (Maths)

We hope you find this document useful - it shows the 'Big Picture' of how our learning is organised across the year. Our plan ensures coverage of the national curriculum and is carefully designed to ensure progression of skills.

Year 4 MTC (Multiplication Tables Check)

Information for parents: a government leaflet providing information to parents about this year's MTC (taken by all children in June 2023)

Number Facts (Help at Home)

Year 4 is a critical year for acquiring and mastering key number facts. These include the fluent recall of 'times tables' facts as well as, for example, the ability to count in multiples of 25.

The resources below include a copy of our school guidance leaflet (you will also receive a folded, paper copy of this) and some links to key resources and websites to support your child's progress with this critical knowledge building.

'Additional' Homework

For any parents or children requiring 'additional' homework (on top of that which we ordinarily set in class), then we recommend the use of Corbettmaths' primary '5-a-day' activity page. This resource includes graded questions for every day of the year (as well as answer keys to check on progress).