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144 Club

Our FANTASTIC 144 Club Members!

The long and growing list of names below (scroll down) belong to our current 144 club members. These are the children in our school who are also proudly wearing their well-deserved 144 Club badges.


Children have earned their badges by proving they can confidently and rapidly recall key number facts (in this case, ‘times tables’). Mastering key number facts is an essential skill that improves mathematical fluency and frees up ‘working memory’ to concentrate on the real maths that’s involved in a problem!


Think You Are Ready To Join The Club?


  1. Check this POSTER so that you can see the requirements for each of the eight awards.
  1. Let your teacher know which award you think you are ready for! If they agree with you, they will RECOMMEND you to take the test.
  2. To take the test, take your RECOMMENDATION SLIP to Mr. Barrett (children trying for silver, gold or platinum badges) or Ms. Whitton (children trying for bronze badges only) during LUNCH TIME (12:15pm is usually the best time).
  3. One of these teachers will either test you then or make an appointment to test you on another day.


Can I Be Recommended For ANY Badge?

If you trying to earn your FIRST badge, the HIGHEST award you can be recommended for is the GOLD Badge.


Once you have your GOLD Badge, the other badges can only be earnt in order: Gold Plus, Platinum … and, finally, Platinum Plus.


Many younger children begin at Bronze and work their way up through the different awards … but you don’t have to. As stated above, your first badge could be as high as the Gold award.


What Kind Of Test Is It?


In the test, you must answer 20 questions within one minute (with no mistakes!).


The test is an oral one which means that the questions and answers are spoken – there is nothing to write down.


If you are successful, your name will be added to this page and you will receive a badge. If you have earnt more than one badge, please recyle your old ones by giving them to Mr Barrett or Ms Whitton – please only wear your most recently gained badge .


144 Club MEMBERS

(Updated 25th March, 2022: Not that due to restrictions during the pandemic, it has not been possible to run the 144 Club assessments during lunch times for over a year now. We are hoping that the opportunity to participate in the 144 Club will be available again very soon! NB: If you are in Year 5 or 6, may still be able to take a lunchtime test - please see Mr. Barrett for more information).

Number in brackets = Year Group



Platinum Plus

Sarthak (6)



Prathiha (6)

Dhanushka (6)


Gold Plus

Salman (6)

Azaan (5)

Muhammad R (5)



Praveen (6)

Tanjib (6)

Samuillah (6)

Maria (6)

Ohiul (6)

Prabseerat (6)

Meera (6)

Saijith (6)

Maqeel (6)

Fosal (6)

Harmanpreet (6)

Bisal (6)

Davian (6)


Silver Plus

Who will be next to get this badge?



Kauser (6)

Arayan (6)

Sharvina (6)

Madhu (6)

Musthwafa (6)

Kaamil (6)


Bronze Plus

Arayan (5)



Deepinder (6)


Archi (6)

Pranay ()

Aalia (6)

Sophie (5)

Kriya (6)

Anish (5)

Anampreet (5)

Gouled (6)



An error? Missing name? Please let Mr. Barrett know so that he can fix it for the next update.