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144 Club

144 Club Relaunched! (September 2023)

We are very excited to confirm that the 144 Club has now been relaunched! There are some exciting changes that will make it easier for you to get tested and we have a new team of 'Maths Gurus' who will run most of the tests.

When I Can I Get Tested?

If you feel you are ready to earn a badge, then please come to the atrium (waiting area = library) on a Monday (Year 2), Tuesday (Year 3), Wednesday (Year 4), Thursday (Year 5) or Friday (Year 6). You can come between 12:00pm and 12:25pm. There is no need for a teacher's recommendation slip any more - just turn up! However, if the queue already has six people in it, please come back another day - you may be given a token if this happens so that you can be first in line next time!

Which Badge Can I Go For?

For your first badge, you can be tested for ANY badge up to and including Gold Level. If you want to try a higher badge (such as Gold Plus or Platinum), then you need to have already earned your Gold badge.

See the poster below which gives details of each badge:

Recycling ... Keep Your Badge Safe

Once earned, we hope that you will wear your 144 Club Members' badge with pride! However, it is also important that you keep it safe and in good condition as you will need to 'trade it in' if you earn a higher badge.

Our FANTASTIC 144 Club Members!

The long and growing list of names below (scroll down) belong to our current 144 club members. These are the children in our school who are also proudly wearing their well-deserved 144 Club badges.


Children have earned their badges by proving they can confidently and rapidly recall key number facts (in this case, ‘times tables’). Mastering key number facts is an essential skill that improves mathematical fluency and frees up ‘working memory’ to concentrate on the real maths that’s involved in a problem!


If your name is missing or any details are correct, please see Mr. Barrett who will update the list for you.


Updated 03.05.24


Platinum Plus Members

Taseen (Y6)


Platinum Members

Hariram (Y6)

Masooma (Y6)

Aisa (Y6)

Ali N (Y5)

Ayaan (Y4)

Jacob (Y4)


Aporna (Y6)


Gold Plus Members

Adam (Y6)

Baahidaoam (Y5)

Nithin (Y5)

Henisha (Y6)

Gurleen (Y6)

Kushi (Y6)

Rehan (Y6)

Ladukshan (Y6)

Manraj S (Y6)

Adhiraj (Y6)

Diya (Y6)

Abisay (Y5)

Alina (Y6)

Mathumai (Y6)

Baahi (Y5)

Thanshika (Y6)

Mim (Y6)

Junaid (Y6)

Khawaja (Y5)

Arnav (Y6)


Gold Members

Yousef (Y6)

Abaahiearan (Y5)

Dhruvisha (Y6)

Nazaim (Y6)

Prem (Y4)

Anaaya (Y5)

Dhairya (Y5)

Serena (Y5)

Ria (Y6)

Riddhi (Y6)

Shahellia  (Y6)

Mirha (Y6)

Jassica (Y6)

Janeshka (Y6)

Sienna (Y6)

Rofaida (Y6)

Eshan (Y5)

Zarah (Y6)

Grace (Y6)

Anaaya (Y6)

Manmeet (Y6)

Nesadha (Y3)

Wasam (Y4)

Markhama  (Y4)

Deluxshan (Y6)

Krinal (Y6)

Maryam (Y6)

Ahmed (Y5)

Raisul (Y5)

Aarvi (Y4)

Eliza (Y4)

Ridaa (Y6)

Mohamed (Y6)

Arnav (Y4)


Silver Plus Members


Silver Members

Nithurshan (Y5)

Idrees  (Y4)

Jessica (Y3)

Sabina (Y6)

Alaizah (Y4)

Jasmeen (Y4)

Aavya (Y3)


Bronze Plus Members

Maha (Y5)


Bronze Members

Anna  (Y5)

Ali (Y5)

Amitoj (Y4)

Shabirsan  (Y5)

Tiya (Y4)

Karan  (Y4)

Javen  (Y6)

Sanial  (Y4)

Abithan  (Y6)

Safia (Y5)

Arnat (Y4)

Anjana (Y5)

Abira (Y4)

Shifa (Y4)

Daniel (Y4)

Khyber (Y5)

Sumaya (Y5)

Sajeeraam (Y3)

Aryan (Y4)

Iqree (Y4)

Aathuj (Y5)

Rihanna (Y3)

Wanya (Y3)

Shifa (Y4)

Danial (Y4)

Amed (Y3)

Jiaan (Y2)

Shavian (Y5)

Prabhdeep (Y3)

Arayan (Y4)

Hasaan (Y4)

Haddy C (Y5)

Amber (Y5)

Prableen (Y2)

Liza (Y5)

Gurshaan (Y4)

Roshan (Y5)

Marwari (Y2)

Sujaan (Y5)