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Blair Peach

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At Blair Peach Primary we believe that all children should be equipped with the necessary skills to learn a Modern Foreign Language inside and outside the classroom. We want to ensure that all our children strengthen their abilities to learn Spanish, appreciate Hispanic culture and value being a global citizen.


Our children’s attitude towards Spanish, and languages in general, is extremely positive. Our children agree that learning and speaking other languages is exceptionally valuable and they take great pride using the target language. We ensure they also understand how important it is to know about other cultures, traditions and celebrations. We encourage our pupils to develop a love for languages and to have high ambitions and aspirations for themselves in terms of their future lives and careers.


How we teach Spanish


At Blair Peach Spanish is taught from Year 3 to Year 6 once a week. The lesson is delivered by the MFL Specialist Teacher in liaison with the class teacher. Class teachers support Spanish during the rest of the week through relevant lessons.


Children learn Spanish through songs, grammar games, stories in the target language and role-plays. Children are also exposed to Spanish reading and writing tasks, helping them to develop an understanding of how languages work. Most of the Spanish sessions are delivered in the target language, allowing our children to improve their speaking and listening skills in Spanish.


We integrate Spanish as much as possible during the school day. Children are very familiar using the Spanish calendar and doing the register in Spanish.


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