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Blair Peach

Primary School

A nurturing environment where we all learn and aspire together.

To be the best we can.

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At Blair Peach Primary the curriculum of our school underpins all the learning and other development opportunities that take place. It is an engaging and inspirational curriculum which fosters curiosity and a passion for learning so that children may develop into life- long learners. We aim to offer all pupils an inclusive curriculum and look to overcome barriers that prevent pupils from succeeding. We aim to offer all pupils the best education possible by ensuring all units of learning have a high impact on pupil’s development. British values and our School Values underpin our entire ethos and curriculum.


Pupils are offered a very wide range of experiences to extend their understanding of themselves and the world in which they live. We aim to provide our pupils with the skills, work habits and character traits that can be applied across all academic subject areas and in all educational social and civic settings throughout their lives. Skills, attitudes and values are developed to prepare the children for the next stage of learning (key stage 1 and 2 ready and secondary ready), and enable them to be successful for life in the 21st Century.


We believe that our children have the right to a broad and balanced curriculum which is relevant to the 21st Century and critically important to their success now and in their future in education and life. The National Curriculum will form part of our whole curriculum.


Our curriculum is designed to ensure there are opportunities for subjects to be linked so that learning is purposeful and meaningful so that they could apply their reading, writing and mathematical skills across the curriculum. In addition we will provide opportunities to equip them with the necessary skills for life in the 21st Century.



The Early Years: This is called the Foundation Stage

The children in the Foundation Stage follow the Development Matters Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.  This has developmental goals and milestones for children from birth to 5 years.  There are 3 prime areas of learning:


  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Communication and language
  • Physical development


These areas are considered to be the most important areas and vital for children to be successful in the other specific areas of learning:


  • Literacy (writing/reading)
  • Maths (numbers/space and shape)
  • Understanding the world
  • Expressive arts and design


All work, the children do is carefully planned from observations and the children’s current level, supporting them to progress through the curriculum goals wherever their level of development.  We provide a curriculum which is broad, balanced and suited to the needs of the children.  Support is given to children with differing needs who are not at the expected level of development.


Learning takes place indoors and out in the EYFS and children learn across all areas of the curriculum outdoors in all weathers including rain and snow.  The outdoors is a compulsory part of the curriculum and supports children across all areas of their learning.