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MATHS Homework

Christmas Holiday Homework

Your maths homework will depend on which maths group you are in. It might include some of the following and your maths teacher will confirm exact details with you:

1. MyMaths: Log in to your account to check for any new assignments which have been set for you.

2. Collins Workbooks: Hopefully, this will have been given to you before we break up for Christmas. Your teacher will let you know which pages they recommend you attempting.

3. Regular Weekly Homework: e.g. 'Written Methods' and 'Bonus Questions'. This might only be set for Mr. Barrett's group [see further down on this page]

4. Christmas Quiz: 20 questions but your teacher might only expect you to attempt certain targeted questions.


All maths groups have now being given their MyMaths log in credentials. These groups should check MyMaths regularly for:


1. Any homework activities which may have been set.

2. The opportunity to participate in additional lessons and games which will support their learning in Year 6.

Christmas Quiz

Please remember that responses to this activity need to be completed on a separate piece of paper. Also remember that not all maths groups are expected to complete this activity.

Collins Workbook Pages

Unless you were absent on the last day of term, you will now have been given your copies of your three Collins workbooks and your teacher will have let you know which pages to attempt over the break.

If you were away and we were not able to get your copy to you, please do not worry about this homework. Please aim to complete the other maths homework activities your teacher has set you.

Maths Homework for Mrs. Menezes' Group 

There is no regular 'Written Methods' homework activity set for this group over the Christmas break.

Maths Homework for Mr. Barrett's Group (Set on 15.12.20)

1. 'Written Methods 5': Remember the aim is to ADD the answers you have from Qus 1-5 and this total will form your main 'red box' answer. This homework is due on WEDNESDAY 6th January.


2. 'Bonus Question': This is due for THURSDAY 7th January. Please do not worry if you cannot solve the question - but have a go! Our feedback in class will give us the chance to share solutions, build skills ... and build confidence!


Please remember to present your attempts/solutions for each question AS CLEARLY AS POSSIBLE - making use of 'steps' and 'annotations' wherever necessary. Remember that it is the reasoning behind your solutions that we are especially interested in!