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Mathematics Mastery

What is Mathematics Mastery?


Mathematics Mastery is a non-profit organisation.


This year, Blair Peach Primary is a ‘Mathematics Mastery Partner School‘ and is working very closely with the organisation to deliver high-quality maths lessons in Year 1, Year 2 and Reception classes.


All children take part in their daily mathematics lesson and an additional daily ‘Maths Meeting‘ (10-15 mins).


Year 1 and 2 lessons follow a six-part lesson structure; this provides pace to lessons as well as opportunities for feedback and assessment. When moving between their tables and the carpet, children participate in ‘transitions’ (30 seconds) practising key number facts – not a second is wasted!


Great emphasis is placed on reasoning and problem-solving. Children are expected to explain their mathematical thinking using appropriate language throughout the lesson. Children are encouraged to apply their increasing mathematical knowledge at all stages of the lesson.


A starting point to finding out more about the organisation itself is to visit their own website at




Key Aspects of MASTERY


  • Growth Mindset … everyone can succeed!
  • Use of the CPA approach: concrete (physical objects) and pictorial resources to support more abstract concepts
  • Reasoning and problem-solving at the heart of learning
  • Opportunities to talk about the maths involved with explanations using precise mathematical language
  • Children demonstrate mastery by successfully applying their learning to different contexts


If you are looking for copies of key resources to use at home such as the 'Ten Frame', 'Part-Whole' models or 'Place Value Charts', please visit the 'Key Resources' page in this Mathematics section of the website.


If you not previously attended a Mathematics Mastery parent workshop and would like a copy of the leaflet given out to accompany the presentation, please click below:

Further workshops will follow during the year.  If you have any particular aspects of learning in mathematics you would like to be covered, please feel free to suggest these to Mr. Barrett or your child’s class teacher.

Mathematics Mastery Curriculum


The links below show the long-term planning and outline summary of content for each year group. Please notes that timings are approximate (as they are adapted to meet the needs of our children) and that the copyright of these documents belongs to Mathematics Mastery - they should not be reproduced or shared elsewhere.