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OTHER Homework

Black History Month: 'Sway Presentation'

At school, children have begun using a digital presentation tool called Sway. At home, they should continue their research on a chosen significant figure from Black History and add further content to the 'Sway' they are creating.


Your teacher will let you know very soon how to submit and share your finished work.

Microsoft Teams Assignments (Set on 07.10.20)

Log in to your Teams account for details of the following two assignments. Check your account regularly, too, for further 'mini-quizzes' which support your in-class learning:

1. Picture Activity: 'Me ... Reading!' (due on Weds 14th October)

2. PowerPoint Activity: 'Sir Isaac Newton' (due on Weds 14th October)

History (Set on 17.09.20)

As historians, we need to be able to make links between the different history topics we study across the years whilst we are at primary school. It is especially important that we develop a sense of 'Big Picture' CHRONOLOGY so we know, for example, that the Stone Age came before the Iron Age, the Romans came after the Ancient Greeks and the Victorians came after the Tudors.

Your task is to create a 'Big Picture' History Timeline. You should aim to include the history topics you have studied at school and, possibly, some additional topics and/or some significant events or people from history. Correctly ORDERING everything you include is more important than including dates. Your finished timeline should be handed in on Thursday 1st October.