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Blair Peach

Primary School

A nurturing environment where we all learn and aspire together.

To be the best we can.

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PE Aims for 2018-2019

Blair Peach is committed to delivering dynamic lessons with an emphasis on learning through a range of physical activities, competition, assessment for learning, and assisting pupils to understand and live a healthy active lifestyle.


Pupils are assessed by a range of methods throughout the term. This data is constantly used to monitor the quality of teaching and measuring its impact on pupils’ learning and progress.  Consequently, allowing teachers to take decisive to ensure optimal learning.


Challenge is very important, Blair Peach Primary School ensures all PE lessons are well differentiated for all abilities and all pupils are challenged to achieve their very best.  Lessons are there to build on what the pupils of all abilities already know, understand and can do.  The teacher then identifies what pupils need to do next in order to improve.  Quite simply, pupils will always be asked to discuss what aspects within the success criteria they can do, with the aim of working on what they can’t do, finally, pupils will express what they have learnt and what they need to work on next.


Blair Peach Primary School always teaches in depth all disciplines of the curriculum.  Pupils who show great progression or ability will be offered the chance to take part in a high standard of competitive sport.


Pupils are represented by their house teams in a monthly meeting by their house team captains.  House Team Captains discuss information which they feel is important thus ensuring that pupil voice is heard and they can assist in maintaining enjoyment levels.


Finally, Blair Peach Primary School believes in the importance of communicating to parents and carers the importance of an active healthy lifestyle.