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Family Learning - Summer 2024

Art Therapy Session- As a part of ‘Mental Health Awareness Week’, we hosted an "Art Therapy" wellness session for our parent community led by Mrs. Eren Kaur. The turnout was excellent and the parents thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Here are some photos from the session.

Wellbeing Challenges for April

Anxiety And Wellbeing Assembly for KS2- Run By Ealing MH Support Team

Anxiety Workshop for Year 6 - Delivered by Red Cross Society

Game Afternoon For Parents

Wellness Session For Parents - photos of parents taking part in a Lego activity

Children's Mental Health Week Activities -October 2023



Wellbeing Ambassadors Launch Assembly

Marie Curie Fund Raising Assembly

Zones OF Regulation For Children

Wellbeing Activities For Parents Of Primary School Children

The Self-Kindness Toolkit - British Red Cross

Mental Health Support Team- Summer 2023 Workshops for Parents and Carers

Well being Newsletter

Children’s Mental Health Week – Monday 7th  - Friday 11th February 2022


Children’s Mental Health Week will be celebrated from the Monday 7th to Friday 11th of February. The theme for this year is ‘Growing Together’. The aim is to introduce children to the idea of change and to emphasise that we can keep growing-even when things get tough. As part of this week, children will be focusing of the following 5 Well- Being concepts: Connected, Active, Curious, Keep learning and Giving. They will be doing many class-based activities related to well-being.


On Friday 11th February children come in Non Uniform the theme is 'Dress To Express'  


Day 1- Connecting with Each Other

As we all know, it is Mental Health week this week and today we will cover the aspect of ‘ Connecting with each other’. Along with children, I think we can try to do the following (in most cases we already do it):

  • Phone or video call a member of your family who you have not kept in touch in a long time
  • Asking someone how they are today
  • Asking someone about their weekend
  • Asking someone about something they have done
  • Establish a moderate use pattern for devices. Try to have conversations without devices in view.
  • Make a plan to participate in the real world—meeting a friend, taking a walk etc. It is a nice way to begin the week.


Day 2 -  Be Active

Today’s focus is on how to be active. As adults or older adults, we can still remain active and fit. Some 10 minute exercises we can all do -sitting or standing:

Here’s some great ideas and resources to help  people remain physically active and mentally fit:

  • Try and run a mile if possible, when children are doing it. It is a good motivating factor  for us to get moving.
  • 10 Today - short ten minute routines to get people stretching and moving, this includes online videos and daily radio shows with recordings captured online
  • Super Six - exercises to improve your strength and balance, six simple exercises that can be done at home - a series of home exercises is also available on YouTube
  • Sitting exercises - these exercises from the NHS improve mobility and lower limb strength, which helps with feeling steadier to move onto standing exercises
  • Flexibility exercises - these home exercises help to improve mobility
  • Balance exercises - simple home exercises to improve steadiness with walking and moving
  • Strength exercises - home exercises to improve lower limb strength


Day 3 - Be Curious

We will focus today on another aspect of Well- Being (Being Curious)

Being curious  helps us to  become more aware of our body. It also encourages us to be present in the moment.


8 ways to be Curious:

  • Being aware of our surroundings ( thinking about what you can see, feel, hear, smell and taste)
  • Asking questions
  • Consume content that's outside of your comfort zone.
  • Listen without judgment.
  • Embrace the unexpected
  • Try not to dwell on the past. 
  • Gamify learning- don’t view learning as dull or tedious
  • Change our perspective


Day 4- Keep Learning

I am so impressed with the work you are doing around these different ways of well-being.


Today’s focus is to ‘keep on Learning’. Learning is about gaining new knowledge, developing skills and having new experiences that enrich our lives. Learning is about challenging ourselves to do something different or improve upon what we’ve done before.


We all know that learning never stops, it is on-going. We could learn different things like:


  • How to cook a new dish
  • How to say a few words in a different language
  • Something about a subject you did not know about
  • Pursue new interests
  • Learn to play an instrument
  • Pursue a new exercise
  • Learn a basic new skill
  • Learn a life-saving skill
  • Get crafty

World Children's Day Y3 Video 28.1.22

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Whole School Virtual Carol Service 17.12.21

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Healthy Eating Week - Monday 14th June Friday 18th June 2021


Banana Ice-cream Recipe 


Please click on the link below:


Healthy Eating Chart

Join the National Day of Reflection | 23 March

Since the first lockdown began in 2020, hundreds of thousands of people have died. Too many lives have been cut short and millions have been bereaved.

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