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Coronation Special Lunch - Friday 5th May 2023

Special Lunch Menu


Coronation Weekend is taking place between Saturday 6th and Monday 8th May, 2023. On Saturday 6th May, King Charles and Queen Camilla will be officially crowned in a very special ceremony. It’s a very exciting event and lots of people from all around the world will be watching.


You might even be having a street party like many other people in the UK!


Here at Blair Peach, we will be celebrating this wonderful occasion with a special lunch on Friday 5th May.   


For children in Reception to Year 2, we would kindly ask parents to book their child's lunch.  There will be no charge.


For children in Years 3 to 6, parents are advised to book their child's lunch.  There is a charge of £2.50.


For children in receipt of Free School Meals, parents will need to book this lunch in advance.   There will be no charge.