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Whole Year Group

Year 1 made some 3D plants for our Science homework project. These are some examples of the children's work.

The author Bethan Woollvin came to visit us in school today. She read us her story of "Little Red" and we made a 3D forest and some 3D characters based on this story.

As an introduction to our History topic 'Homes then and now', Year 1 used a range of materials to build their homes. They used plasticine, Lego, lolly sticks and straws as well as a range of junk materials they brought from home. The children were engrossed in making their houses look realistic by adding features such as doors, chimneys and windows.



Year 1 making clocks!

Last term, Year 1 went to Gunnersbury Park Museum to take part in a workshop exploring toys from the Victorian period. The children looked closely at and played with a variety of toys.