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Thursday 18th July - Year 6 Variety Performance
Wednesday 17th July 2019 - Year 6 Achievement Ceremony
Floating Classroom - June 2019
Trip to Hillingdon Outdoor Activity Centre May 2019


After reading the Greek myth, Daedalus and Icarus (from Orchard Book of Greek Myths), we wrote our own front-page newspaper report telling of Icarus's unfortunate fate.


Then we read, Goodnight Mister Tom by Michelle Magorian. We used the story themes as inspiration for our letters. One letter was written from the viewpoint of a child who had been evacuated and another letter was written to the Unknown Soldier.


To end the term, we wrote a non-fiction report about forest fires in response to the California fires that were happening at the time. We researched lots of interesting facts and then we presented the information in a non-chronological report.


Year 6 have been deepening our place value skills with ‘Big’ [whole] and ‘Small’ [decimal] numbers. We worked on securing a variety of efficient mental methods as well as written methods.


For science, we consolidated our previous learning about how light travels, how shadows are formed and about how we see things. Then we explored how light behaves when it is reflected and when it travels through different materials.          


Next we learnt about Electricity. We constructed a variety of circuits and we explained how they work. Then we drew circuit diagrams using symbols for the components in a circuit.


We discovered that Greek pottery is one of the primary sources historians have used to learn about what happened during this era. We also researched the significant event of The Battle of Marathon.


As part of our work relating to World War II, we visited the Imperial War Museum. We saw a range of artefacts to deepen our understanding of how ‘life on the home front’ differed to the lives we enjoy today. We also made World War II scrapbooks.