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Whole Year Group

Year 3 visited the Natural History Museum last term, as part of our Geography topic on Volcanoes and Earthquakes. It was an enriching experience for the children, as they got to explore the exciting world of volcanoes and earthquakes and their effects on society.

Year 3 participated in an Advent assembly. We looked at how and why Advent is important to Christians. Children focused on the meaning of ‘light’ during this festive period.

With the weeks leading up to Christmas, children from Year 3 alongside other year groups attended carol singing at our local church in Southall. It was a wonderful opportunity for the whole school to take part in the festivity.

In History we have been looking at the Stone Age period. In one of our lessons, children arranged key events on a time line. This gave them a good idea of when farming first began, when the Romans arrived and the beginning of cave paintings.