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Welcome to 6 Sun's Class Page!


We hope you enjoy reading about and looking through some of our pictures of things we’ve done. If you have any ideas for this page, why not let your teacher know!

Boy Arrested for Incomplete Homework


Today (09.10.18), the whole of Yr 6 were visited for the first of our three talks this year by the police. PC McGuigan's talk was focused around safety including safety whilst travelling to school, e-safety and - especially - the safe use of mobile phones. After the talk, there was a chance to put on and use some real uniform and equipment belonging to actual police officers.


Some of the latest police recruits can be seen below with a picture, too, of Michelle arresting and handcuffing Pavan for incomplete homework!

Mediterranean Meltdown!


After reading the Greek myth, Daedalus and Icarus (from the brilliantly-written Orchard Book of Greek Myths), we set about writing our own front-page newspaper reports telling of Icarus's unfortunate fate. After a final 'edit and improve', published reports are now in our exercise books ... and will hopefully make it to a printed version very soon, too.

Groovy Greeks!


Year 6 got the chance to combine some great art work with an introduction to an upcoming history topic: the Ancient Greeks!


Here is the enormous, and rather beautiful-looking, finished Greek vase which is now on show in its new home (the atrium). Greek pottery, by the way, is one of the fantastic primary sources historians have used to learn so much about what happened during this fascinating historical era.



Heathrow Coding Challenge


In September, Year 6 were lucky enough to be visited by a team from Heathrow airport. We got to think about lots of amazing statistics related to the airport (for example, did you know that more than 76,000 people work there?), some of the fantastic work done by engineers and ... participate in a 'coding challenge' which involved writing code to move cargo safely around the airport.

Visit to Dormers Wells High School


As part of our preparations for the transition to secondary school next year, Year 6 spent a morning at Dormers Wells High School in September. 6 Sun took part in two different lessons: an Apprentice-style Business Studies lesson and the chance for everyone to bake some fresh bread in a Food Technology lesson. A great morning with a taste of life to come at our new schools next year!