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A nurturing environment where we all learn and aspire together to be the best we can

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Vocabulary Building in the Kitchen!

The kitchen really is a fantastic place to start building vocabulary! The next time you pass this display (at the top of the stairs), challenge yourself: how many of the kitchen utensils can you name? Some items are really tricky to name so ask your friends and teachers for help building vocabulary, too. You can also try the same activity at home: how many utensils can you name in your kitchen?

New School Website Launched (17.10.18)


Welcome to our new school website! We hope you like the cleaner, crisper look as well as the quicker and easier access (through our home page 'drop downs') to the wealth of content it contains.


The new website is not only better organised but also gives us the opportunity to share far more pictures of school life with you. As time goes on, we also hope to make good use of videos - both as a learning tool and, again, to share some of our children's broad range of experiences with you. The 'Video Resource Centre' will be one place to keep an eye once we begin uploading content.


We hope you enjoy using this the new website and would happily welcome any feedback about it to our usual contact email address.