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Safer Parking Outside School

Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions from parents wishing to take their children to and from school by car:

Where can I park to collect/drop off my child?


You should always park your vehicle in line with any restrictions in place and ensure that you are not causing an obstruction to either pedestrians or other car drivers or which would hinder traffic flow and reduce visibility.  You should NOT be parking on the zig-zag or single/double yellow lines as are stated below.


Can I park on zig-zag markings?


No vehicles including those displaying a disabled person's blue badge are permitted to stop or turn within the area of the markings during the times and dates the restriction is in force even for picking up or setting down of children.  See photo below.

Parking on double yellow lines


Parking on double yellow lines is NOT permitted at any time of the day or night.


Parking on single yellow lines


Parking on the single yellow lines outside the school is NOT permitted during the hours of 8.00am to 4.30pm.  The old concession of 5 minutes grace for dropping and collecting children no longer applies.

Can I double park if I remain in my vehicle?


No. Vehicles parking in the middle of the highway cause an obstruction for all road users including pedestrians and children trying to cross the road. Any motorist double parked or causing an obstruction WILL be asked to move on. Should double or obstructive parking continue a Police Officer will accompany a Civil Enforcement Officer so more appropriate action can be taken to those causing offences.


Can I park across someone’s driveway?


No. Parking across someone’s driveway is deemed as obstructive parking and is a matter that will be dealt with by Civil Enforcement Officers or the Police.


– No parking outside or opposite school gates.

– No parking on yellow lines or zig-zags

– No parking on pavements.

– Respect those who live close to the school.

– Obey traffic regulations at all times.