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Blair Peach

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A nurturing environment where we all learn and aspire together to be the best we can

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Purple Mash

E-Safety reminders for Parents and their Pupils when using Purple Mash:
Parents please ensure that:

  • Pupils access Purple Mash in a shared space (not their bedroom).
  • Pupils respond using formal standard English (not ‘text message’ language please).
  • Pupils must use Purple Mash during school hours only.
  • When Pupils use 2Email or the 2Blog functions in Purple Mash, they should only speak about school work or any issues they are having with Home Learning.
  • If Parents have any concerns regarding Purple Mash to e-mail the Office who will contact your child’s Class Teacher. A report to teacher button is available at the bottom of any email received. Children can select this to alert their teacher to the email if they are unhappy with the content.
  • If pupils do post anything in Purple Mash which is inappropriate, they will be stopped from using the 2Email or 2Blog functions and the class teacher will speak to the parent via a phone call to discuss this.