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Nursery Trip to Bournemouth Sea Side - Thursday 4th July 2019

Nursery Children have been making houses with their parents as part of their topic. 

Effective Learning Workshop


On Tuesday 11th February we held our Characteristics of Effective Learning Workshop for Nursery parents and their children. We had lots of activities set up to encourage talk and questioning between parent and child. We had ice, ingredients to make uncooked play dough, bulbs, wires and batteries, puzzles, natural objects to explore/sort, Numicon and resources to make a paper model using only paper fasteners, string, paper clips.


Nearly every parent attended which was wonderful and parents learnt a lot about the expectations of the Foundation Stage Curriculum for their children to be independent, resilient, confident learners! Every parent now has some homework...which is to put away their phones and tablets and do lots of talking and exploring with their child.


Thank you all for coming and we look forward to lots of happy, confident, resilient, chatty children who are keen and active learners! 

Celebration Party 

Last week on 7th December Nursery held their Celebration Party in recognition of Diwali, Guru Nanak's Birthday and Christmas. We had lots of parents attend with their children. We made dream catchers, had some party food and then did some dancing! Children and adults wore their best party clothes and a great time was had by all!!

Colours This Term -  Autumn 2018

Nursery have been learning all about COLOURS this term. The children have been working really hard learning colour names and shades, learning to mix colours at the painting table, and sorting by colour. We have made some really nice displays using the children's work and made our own Mixed Up Chameleon from our core text. Each week children (and teachers) have come dressed in the colour of the week.

Colour Launch

New Nursery children have settled into school happily and are now busy learning all about Colour! On Friday 12th all the children brought their parent to school for our Colour Launch day. The children and parents made a beautiful rainbow that they can take home to help them learn their colours. We also had a dress up day where all the children and teachers came to school in shades of blue!!!


Keep a look out on here too, as each week we will be wearing a different colour and creating a rainbow of our own!!