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Blair Peach

Primary School

A nurturing environment where we all learn and aspire together to be the best we can

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Parents Questionnaire - July 2021

A Big Thank You for all your Lovely Comments 


Q9. The school's strength's are...Parents Comments 


"Great Head and teaching team. The school is extremely organised and during the pandemic I was always aware on what was happening. The newsletters are also very interesting and informative."


"Friendly and approachable staff who deal with queries efficiently. Teaching staff take care of children in a kind and patient manner, my children love going to school!"


"The headteacher a great leader which filters through all the staff."


"Staff and teachers are fully committed in both the teaching aspect and the running of the school. The school performed extremely well during the Covid 19 crisis."



"Nursery staff are amazing in there approach to teaching."


"Quality of teaching and teachers, good interaction with local community"



Q10. In my opinion, the school could improve...Parents Comments 



"School has already outstanding performance because of Mrs Puri Headteacher."


" More extracurricular activities. Before and after school clubs."


"I think staggered finishing times should continue post pandemic"


"Bringing back nursery trips and parent days at nursey"