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Google Classroom - Meet Guidelines

E-Safety reminders for Parents and Pupils of Years 5 and 6 when using Google Classroom:


  • Pupils are to access Google Classroom in a shared space (not their bedroom)
  • New assignments will usually appear ‘live’ on a Monday with a due date of Friday at midday (12pm): unfortunately, teachers will not be able to review work submitted after this time
  • Children should aim to submit assignments as they complete them during the week (rather than saving them up for submission on Friday) 
  • Children are not expected to submit work or post messages to their teacher outside of normal school hours; work should not be being completed or submitted late at night, for example
  • Teachers will aim to respond to all messages and submitted work but it should be noted that this will not always be possible


  • Whilst teachers might need to return marked work or reply to a message whilst they are working in an evening, children should not respond or act on messages at this time. Messages sent by teachers in the evening or early in the morning are intended to be read during the following school day.
  • In some cases, children might be invited to improve their submissions
  • All posts (and any other correspondence) between children, parents and teachers should, of course, be appropriately and responsibly worded
  • If Parents have any concerns regarding Google Classroom to e-mail the Office who will contact your child’s Class Teacher. If pupils do post anything in Google Classroom which is inappropriate, their class teacher will speak to the parent via a phone call to discuss this