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Catch Up Strategy 2020/2021

Catch-Up Impact Statement 2020-2021 Tiered


1.     Teaching Wave 1


  • CPD in the Autumn term Recovery Curriculum, phonics, vocabulary development, Reading, research-based learning enabled all teachers to deliver well planned lessons with high quality resources to ensure pupil progress was secure.    
  • Autumn 2 curriculum broadened to include all subjects, high levels of pupil engagement and high levels of resilience. Pupils able to adapt to school life, routines, expectations and systems
  • KS1 extra phonics lessons, high focus on phonics resulted in 94% passing Year 2 phonics in the Autumn term
  • High quality texts had a positive impact on pupils reading and love of reading. CLPE reading resources
  • Whole class reading model KS2 and teachers engaging with lowest 20% evidenced as having a good impact.  
  • Spring 2021 assessments showed a need to focus on Reading and Writing
  • Book looks, pupil interviews summer term by subject leads demonstrate good levels of progress especially in maths


2     Targeted Academic Support Wave 2


  • Spring and Summer Term third Space Learning for yr 5 maths intervention
  • FFT Lightning Squad delivered in Summer 2021,
  • John Lyons Reading volunteer support for DA and vulnerable yr 5 supported progress 


3     Wider Strategies Wave 3


  • All pupils were supported with well being and mental health needs through PSHE lessons, phone calls, weekly newsletters. End of year parent questionnaire indicated high levels of positive feedback
  • Pupils settled well after school closure
  • Curriculum broadened due to good progress of pupils Autumn 2020
  • Home learning improved considerably during second lockdown due to more proficient use of Teams by staff, staff upskilled themselves to use it in a variety of ways
  • Parents evenings, and reports successfully delivered
  • 92- 95 % daily engagement in all lessons due to support given with devices and strengthened use of Teams learning platform
  • Families in need of a laptop were provided with one enabling full access to online learning
  • Greatly reduced need for paper learning packs
  • DA and other vulnerable groups supported by Catholic society aromatherapist services as
  • John Lyons Charity provided additional devices which supported good learning outcomes for PP and vulnerable groups.